My grandfather was a movie projectionist. He inspired my love for filmmaking. I started by taking
pictures with an old Nikkormat camera and I’ve directed a few movies.
I appreciate the path life
has given me. It pushes me to learn everyday…


Srinath Christopher Samarasinghe, I am a filmmaker, writer, editor, photographer and web developer.

My parents are from Sri Lanka, but I was born in Tehran, Iran and raised in France. 

I studied at The University of Paris VIII, Saint-Denis, France. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from great teachers such as Serge Le Péron, Danielle Jaeggi, and also the great director Jonathan Demme, and the acclaimed writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke. My life is dedicated to my family, filmmaking and storytelling.


I’ve directed short films, a documentary and three feature films (“A Cloud In the Glass Of Water”-  2012, "Nazar Palmus"- 2016 and “On the Skin” - 2018).

I am currently working on screenplays for two further feature films alongside director Yann Blondel.
I am also writing a science fiction screenplay with a topic about mind controlling space-time.

You can view my work at  . (soon to come)



I met Jules Verne's great-granddaughter when I was 8 years old. She let me read the first editions of Jules Verne's novels. I promised myself that when I grew up, I would write stories like him. I am working to improve that craft everyday. I am currently writing my first novel. A large part of said novel will be available online here
 here (soon to come)
It is based on the screenplay of my film “On the Skin.